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Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency Program

Overstory Consulting owner Jeremy Pataky began coordinating the Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency Program in its inaugural year. Services include: 
  • management of artist nomination and application processes in cooperation with Foundation staff. 


  • maintaining contact with eight artists and host organizations per year as a liaison with the Foundation.
  • oversight of grant reporting requirements for partner organizations.
  • communications and marketing services.
  • enrichment opportunities for visiting artists and development of orientation materials and facilitation of in-person convenings and teleconferences.
  • in-person representation of the Foundation at various locations throughout the United States. 
  • written, photographic, and videographic documentation of residencies using in-house and contracted talent.
  • on-the-ground troubleshooting and evaluation of program in cooperation with Foundation staff and other contractors.

Anchorage Museum | Polar Lab

Overstory owner Jeremy Pataky served as a member of Polar Lab's Creative Direction Team. Overstory has contributed to Polar Lab in several capacities, including web writing and editing, coordination of CFP processes, providing a liaison and guide for resident artists in the field, providing representation of the project on behalf of the Museum, conducting documentation, and more. 

Kennecott & McCarthy Visitors Guide

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